Market Stall Fees

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Mini Stall

  • 1 Rack or Table
  • Up to 1 metre
  • Inside or Outside

Inside Stall

  • Racks + Tables
  • Up to 2 metres
  • Inside by the bar

Tent Stall

  • Outdoor Space
  • 3 x 3 metres
  • BYO Tent

Double Tent

  • Outdoor Space
  • 6 x 3 metres
  • BYO Tent(s)
Stall fees are due before market day, and full payment is required to fully book your stall. You stall will be approved first, then we will email you an invoice to pay and confirm your booking.

Stall sizes and spaces may vary from venue to venue, and prices are subject to change. Half stalls are only an option if you decide to share a Single/Tent Stall with someone else. One invoice will be provided for a split stall.

Stall Options

You must provide all racks and tables for your own stall.

Mini Stall
One small rack or small table up to 1 metre

Mini Stall

Single Stall
Racks and/or tables up to 2 metres





Outdoor Tent Stall
BYO tent to fill a 3 x 3 metre space.

Tent Stall

Tent stalls are only available in our outdoor markets, and you will need to bring your own (or borrowed) tent. Indoor stalls have easy access to the venue’s changeroom (in the bathroom), which may be too far from your outside tent stall. You may want to consider a small pop-up tent as a change room, inside your tent stall.


Please Note

Our venues have limited space, so please keep your stall to the correct size.

Stall Size