Stall Holder

Vindie stall holders for West End, Brisbane.

Gypsy Love

  Made with Love... Gypsy Love is a unique collection of handmade jewellery and homewares inspired by the latest and most covet bohemian trends from all around the world. Inspired by traveling, love and dreams. Founded in 2008 and continues to bring you unique, eclectic, handmade jewellery and treasures. Our handmade products are created in [...]

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Desert Wanderer

Desert Wanderer Designs was created in 2014 on the Gold Coast. With a vision to create and collect beautiful treasures for global souls, dreamers, drifters, star gazers, peace makers, lovers and gypsies of the night. A lot of dwd's focus is put into good vibration jewellery, and crystals. Other pieces are influenced by my love [...]

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