Stall Holder

Vindie stall holders for West End, Brisbane.

Caffeina’s Tea Temple

Iced teas, horchata and home-baked treats Caffeina's Tea Temple isn't your average stall at Vindie Markets. Yes you'll find refreshment for your gypsy soul with their delicious range of home-brewed iced teas, horchata and home-baked treats. What you may not know is that Caffeina's is run by friendly volunteers raising funds for Queensland regional Burning [...]

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The Gypsy Caravan

We are a band of gypsies wandering the earth seeking truth and love. Come and discover us as we pass through the Vindie Markets sharing our gifts and treasures. You’ll find beautiful crystal jewellery, dream catchers, water plants and succulents, healing chai blends, vintage and spiritual clothing, artworks, Liquid Crystal healing readings and remedies and [...]

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Emma & Lee

  emma&lee began as a small scale initiative to source handmade and unique products from all corners of the globe. With strict ethical guidelines. emma&lee only collobarate with businesses that have a level of transparency in the treatment of their workers and the quality of their products. emma&lee are proud to contribute to fair trade manufacturing, [...]

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Feather Tribe

  We are the Feather Tribe, a movement of upliftment and freedom. A collective of people showing our connection with our unique hand carved feathers. A heartfelt social enterprise business by which we share the joy of giving to a charitable cause through a percentage of the profits of our beautiful feathers, bird and wing [...]

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